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TwentyFifth Tale X Pica-Pica

We have been toying with the idea of putting our artwork on products since we started the journey with TwentyFifth Tale.

During one of our usual trips to the mall, we stumbled upon the machine where you could print the photo in your phone or via your Instagram feed. Immediately it caught our attention and we thought it is the perfect product to kickstart this idea, with our whimsical artworks as the photo theme. Our main concept for this product is simple: why not we make photo printing fun and cute at the same time? Also, we have got used to having photo in our devices, to be able to have the physical copy of that memorable photo you took is a heart warming feeling after all.

After a brief discussion with our counterpart, we have launched our first collection of themes, with more collections coming soon! A big thanks to Pica-Pica for the collaboration opportunity and for the trust in our creative artworks. 

Do check the Pica-Pica machine near you, and stay tuned for new theme collections launching soon!

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