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TwentyFifth Tale X Black Kettle

Year 2020 is a very unique and challenging year for most of us, which most us can relate and agree on. Each of us have our own stories on how we get through this year.

With the pandemic and lockdown happening across the globe, everyone can feel the brunt and the difficulty, especially for SMEs struggling to stay afloat in trying times. In the face of difficulty, how can we use our artwork to help fellow SMEs to get back on their feet?

With some brainstorming and toying with some concepts, we have created a series of illustrations with GIF effect, where our clients are able to post on their social media to promote and market their business or products.

So we begin to start searching and knocking on doors to promote our new idea. Although the current market sentiment is quite gloomy, but most of the store owners still greeted us with enthusiasm and full of hope. 

Black Kettle is one of our favorite cafe that serves awesome coffee and even awesome croissant. Their bright colored paint on colonial-era shophouse facade will make most Penangites recognize immediately what shop that is. 

It was like a dream come true project as they are willing to take the leap of faith and give us a shot. A huge thanks to Nigel for the opportunity for us to try with the new concept that we are very proud of.

Black Kettle website:


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